WildStar Discovery Maps by Zone

I'm working on a new project to map the locations of discoveries by zone in WildStar. Starting with Whitevale (my favorite zone!), I've mapped the discovery locations that I have been able to find. If you find an additional Discovery and would like to add it to this list, please contact Disco via Twitter or email with a map screenshot of your character on the spot or with map coordinates. Due to the random nature of WildStar discoveries and the possibility of other players triggering the discovery, any individual discovery may not be present.

Discoveries in each zone contain either an automated buff station, a box with treasure, a box containing one piece of a set of gear unique to the zone, a zone-unique pet, or access to a hidden area that may include additional treasure. As far as I can tell, what type of discovery you will receive is completely random though the buff stations are by far the most common.

The final maps and any updates will be permanently located here.

Zone Discovery Map: Whitevale

Discovery Pet: Whitevale Pumera . Discovery Gear: 'Professor' Set

Running Azeroth 10: Jade Forest

The tenth installment of Running Azeroth series is up on YouTube, and we've finally take our first steps into Pandaria with a run through the Jade Forest. Get your running shoes on and head into the bucolic panda-filled wilds:

To use, just open your phone/tablet/laptop, stick it in the magazine rack of your favorite treadmill or stationary bike, set the video to full screen and run your way through Warcraft. Location suggestions welcome; just ping me on Twitter or comment on YouTube.

#GamerSecretSantas Revealed

Thank you to all who participated in the 2015 #GamerSecretSanta gift exchange on Twitter! The partners are all revealed below; pictures of the gift exchanges coming after the holidays.

Happy Holidays to all, gamers!

Swap Type: Digital Swap                

Recipient < Gift Giver
@_Grimsley < @quinloki
@AdmiringAzeroth < @ggchestnut
@Allie < @Lilulicious
@Flasherhealz < @_Grimsley
@ggchestnut < TunurukKhadgar
@grumpyassdruid < Durell_Shadow
@Lilulicious < @AdmiringAzeroth
@quinloki < @grumpyassdruid
@shawn12300 < @thegulo13
@thegulo13 < @Flasherhealz
@xaunpy < Vikirnoff
Cymre < TehKnuck
Durell_Shadow < @xaunpy
pookachuasc < Cymre
TehKnuck  < @shawn12300
TunurukKhadgar < @rarity_wow
Vikirnoff < pookachuasc
@rarity_wow < @Allie

Swap Type: Physical Swap - Canada

@_Vidyala < @Kaleri_
@Cadistra < @_Vidyala
@elyrayldin < @Cadistra
@Frosted_Miika < CurlyWench
@Kaleri_ < @Frosted_Miika
CurlyWench < @elyrayldin

Swap Type: Physical Swap - EU

@gamechangerldn < @ikralla
@ikralla < @thebellaq
@Maciahko < Gazimoff
@thebellaq < @gamechangerldn
Martyfeeb < @Maciahko
Gazimoff < Martyfeeb

Swap Type: Physical Swap - United States

_luthvian < @cinderluna
@_elfindale < ktjnwow
@battlechicken < @duskhawk
@cinderluna < Hanzo55
@clockwork_bells < fabricninja
@duskhawk < sqwarlock
@fabricninja < _luthvian
@ggchestnut < Kell__KT
@jrwstormy < @_elfindale
ktjnwow < lizziegolove
sqwarlock < @jrwstormy
@LeGameJunkie < callimonk
@lodurzj < hestiahdruid
@MissTrini_ < DiscoPriest
@nikkol78 < MrsDeviantOne
@nymphmage < @LeGameJunkie
@orkchop < corveroth
@RhoWoW < @nymphmage
@Saisrithehealer < @nikkol78
@seamesquat < @walkstweets
@The_Buckster < orkchop
@theedauce < @Saisrithehealer
@verdthandi < @RhoWoW
@walkstweets < @Zuulzilla
@zerena_hoofs < Faythemage
@Zuulzilla < @theedauce
Abandonctrl < @verdthandi
Byx87 < @ggchestnut
callimonk < @seamesquat
corveroth < @The_Buckster
dazzlinggeek < yamsly
DiscoPriest < zerena_hoofs
Dyachera_ < @lodurzj
Faience < @MissTrini_
Faythemage < relysh
Hanzo55 < Abandonctrl
hestiahdruid < shieldspec
Kell__KT < dazzlinggeek
Kirzhek < Wowmonk
lizziegolove < @battlechicken
MeggieMay13 < Byx87
MrsDeviantOne < Dyachera_
relysh < MeggieMay13
Shadesogrey < Faience
shieldspec < vitaemachina
vitaemachina < @clockwork_bells
Wowmonk < Kirzhek
yamsly < Shadesogrey


Run With Running Azeroth: Race Day Meetup

The Running Azeroth series has gotten a great response! I've really enjoyed hearing about people running and biking their way through Warcraft, and have certainly enjoyed running and biking them myself (is there anything better than flying down those Grizzly Hills on a bike?). I'll be doing more Running Azeroth episodes, but wanted to do something a little different for the next one- Running Azeroth: Race Day. The only thing better than running dungeons with your friends is running Azeroth with your friends!

This event will record a whole bunch of players running on foot to simulate the feel and excitement of a race. The event will be filmed just like the other Running Azeroth episodes and uploaded to YouTube. We can all then run our Azeroth race on demand on our treadmills and bikes any time we want!

Running Azeroth: Race Day will take place on Saturday, January 31st at 7pm CST. We'll meet on the US server Dalaran, Alliance-side, at the entrance to Blackrock Mountain. The race will run through the Burning Steppes, Redbridge, Elwynn Forest, and end at the main gates of Stormwind. It should take about 20 minutes.



What do I need to do to participate?

Show up on the US server Dalaran-Alliance on Saturday, January 31st at 7pm CST (8pm EST/7pm CST/6pm MT/5pm PST). If you'd like to let me know you're coming, you can @ me on Twitter, but no RSVP is necessary. My in-game character will be Liala.

I'll be hosting the race with Rezznul; you can get an invite to the raid group by adding Rezznul#1254 or DiscoPriest#1856 as a friend and putting 'Running' in the message space.

I don't want to run the race; how can I participate?

I'm glad you asked! We need people- lots of people- cheering at the beginning of the race and along the race route. You can mount up and get ahead of the runners, and cheer and set off fireworks along the route. At the end of the race, we need people cheering, jumping, and setting off fireworks of all description, using all of those toys that you have in your shiny new Toybox. You can use a mount to get ahead of the pack, or a flying mount to keep tabs on the runners' progress.

We also need one person to act as the starting and ending Race Official. This individual will need to be highly reliable: they will start the race with a firework, and end it with a line of circular raid lights. DM me on Twitter if you would like to be this highly reliable person.

Update: My good friend Rezznul has offered to be the highly reliable Race Official; look for him as Rezznul at the start and finish line. Thank you, Rezz!

Can I wear a costume?

You MUST bring the absolute most fabulous transmog you can possibly muster to the race. Whether you choose to transmogrify yourself a runner's outfit or a Carnival-worthy headdress, dressing your best is required. Since we won't be fighting you can leave shoulders, etc. empty for a more highly customized race day look.

Can I use a mount?

No. All runners must run on foot. You can certainly choose to run ahead, but the camera (me) would no longer be able to see you.

Can I cheat?

YES. I highly encourage all forms of Mario Kart warfare. Cast your very best sprinting spells and player-on-player crowd control. Yank back that druid with a Leap of Faith, put on a burst of speed with Power Word: Shield! I will try- try!- to get everyone into a raid so that we can use spells on each other.

Just remember: If you get too far ahead, the camera (me) won't be able to see you.

The camera (me) will be bobbing in and out around racers, sometimes getting ahead and sometimes falling back. I'll try my best to get every runner in the shot, and at the end of the race I'll be filming every runner as they come across the finish line- more on that below.

Can I bring a pet?

Sure! Ground pets are preferable to flying pets as they won't obscure the runners as much.

What if I have a question in the middle of the race?

I will be running as my disc priest, Liala, but during the race I will need to turn my UI off completely to film the run. I won't be able to see anything that anyone is saying to me or shouting or anything. If you have a question, you'll have to direct it to the highly reliable Race Official. They will be available at the starting and finish lines, and should be able to answer your questions mid-race.

What do I get if I win the race?

Nothing. This isn't a race to see who is fastest; it's a bunch of people running together to create a Running Azeroth video that we can all watch and run later. Crossing the finish line first will just take you out of the range of the camera.

What happens at the end of the race?

I would LOVE IT if the camera (me) could cross the finish line first, so that when we run it later, we can all be the winner of the race! However, we all know that sometimes we get carried away with in the heat of the in-game moment and that probably won't happen. But that would be great!

Either way, when the camera (me) crosses the finish line, I'll run ahead a little ways and then turn around slowly and film all the action of the finish line as people cross the line and fireworks go off. Please do not stand in front of me at this time. It will be hard to me to move around at that point, and people standing in front of the camera (me) would obstruct the view of watching the racers come in and celebrate, which will be one of the most fun parts of running/watching the race later.

I have another question!

Get in touch with me on Twitter at @DiscoPriest.

Running Azeroth 5 & 6: A Warcraft Treadmill Workout

The fifth and sixth installments of my Running Azeroth series are up on YouTube. These two are the result of a little experimentation: Episode 5 is run on a very fast ground mount, and Episode 6 is run on a medium speed ground mount. I personally found the very fast mount too fast for my running speed, but I use it often on my stationery bike. These two treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical machine point-of-view video explore Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms in World of Warcraft. Episode 5 travels through Freehand Post, up through Southern Barrens, and ends in Zoram Strand; it is a very fast-paced run. Episode 6 behind in the center of Ironforge and runs east through Dun Morogh, then turns north through Loch Modan and the Wetlands before ending at Revantusk Village. It is a fast-paced run. Both clock in just over 20 minutes.

To use, just open your phone/tablet/laptop, stick it in the magazine rack of your favorite treadmill or stationary bike, set the video to full screen and run your way through eastern and central Northrend! Location suggestions welcome; just ping me on Twitter or comment on YouTube.

Programming Note: I'm working on a special Running Azeroth: Race Day. I'll need a lot of volunteers to run with me or cheer at the start and finish lines as we film a race day in Azeroth, and will be posting extensive details soon on this site. Watch this space or follow me on Twitter for more details!