Moving Desktop Wallpapers: Reader Requests, Pack 2

Animated Wallpaper Pack 2: Reader Requests, World of Warcraft

Introduction to Moving Wallpapers Moving Wallpaper Pack #1: Warcraft and Skyrim Moving Wallpaper Pack #2: Reader Requests, World of Warcraft Moving Wallpaper Pack #3: Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft coming soon! Moving Wallpaper Pack #4: City Collection, World of Warcraft coming soon!

While working on the last set of wallpapers for the Moving Wallpaper series, I asked readers to send in their own favorite locations or screenshots to be turned into animated desktop backgrounds. Thanks to everyone who sent one in!

To run, download DreamScene Video Wallpaper (PC) or VLC Media Player (Mac)- more technical info below.

World of Warcraft Moving Wallpapers: Download complete Pack #2: Reader Requests, Warcraft (.rar file)

Moving Wallpaper: Nagrand, Daytime (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Nagrand Sky - submitted by @Llanion (twilight version coming soon)

Moving Wallpaper: Elwynn Forest, Hidden Camp (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Elwynn Forest, Hidden Camp - submitted by K. B.

Moving Wallpaper: Stranglethorn Coast Waterfall (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Stranglethorn Coast Waterfall - submitted by Reefman

Moving Wallpaper: Tirisfal Glades Windmills (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Tirisfal Glad Windmills - submitted by @EmberDione

Moving Wallpaper: Deepholm World Pillar (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Deepholm World Pillar - submitted by @wingtipswaltz

Moving Wallpaper: Terrokar / Zangarmarsh Border (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Terokkar/ Zangarmarsh Border - submitted by @Soetzufit

Moving Wallpaper: Dalaran Landing Pad (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Dalaran Landing Pad - submitted by @Mementh

Moving Wallpaper: Zangarmarsh in the Rain (c) Disciplinary Action

Download Zangarmarsh in the Rain - submitted by @DiscoPriest


PC: Download DreamScene Video Player []

Mac: Download VLC Media Player [VLC Website]

  • Options > Show All > Set As Wallpaper
  • Video Settings > DirectX Output

Thank You

Big thanks to Safe Shark for the file hosting.

Huge thanks to intrepid beta testers and technical wizards Rezznul (he's a Mac) & GayGeekDad (and he's a PC).

As always, if you're experiencing technical difficulty or know of a better way to run these backgrounds (especially for Mac users), drop me a line at . We're working hard to make them perfect for everyone.